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You don’t have to own a very big house to consider setting up a wardrobe. There are different sizes of this home furniture today and they will fit just about any type and size of home. Your only challenge is to find one the most ideal for you.


Wardrobe cabinets are where clothes, dresses, shoes, and other fashion items are kept. To find the best kind, below are some tips to help you out:

Get a wardrobe design that is proportionate to the room and the clothes you own.

There’s no sense in installing a very large wardrobe cabinet if your bedroom is too cramped. In the same way, you must not get a very big one if you only have a handful of clothing to store in them. The key is to find the right size that will serve your needs best.

5 Simple Wardrobe Design Tips for Malaysia Home Owners

Looking for a way on how to arrange your wardrobe to avoid bulging and overstuffed closet? Then, wardrobe design for Malaysia home will be the most ideal solution for your problem. If you are feeling frustrated seeing your closet unorganized and you keep on wearing the same outfit for a week then, you badly need to consider a wardrobe design. Wardrobe design doesn’t only work for an overstuffed closet but it also helps those people who are planning to build their house.

Wardrobe design is very essential not because it helps you to organize your clothes properly but it also adds to the value and beauty of your home. There is extensive range of wardrobe designs that is available in the market but as a homeowner, there are few things you need to consider before choosing a wardrobe designs. Here are 5 simple wardrobe designs that will suit your budget and taste;

1. Maximize available space – As much as possible, use vertical dimension in both directions and use all the available space in your room from the ceiling down to your room floor. A vertical closet is perfect for storing items that usually don’t use all the time. A bigger space will help you to choose the dress you want to wear or out accessories such as bags and hats.

2. Know your habits – Wardrobe design depend on your habits. Think whether you want to hang your clothes or roll them. Aside from your habit, you also need to consider the lightning in your room.

3. Wardrobe design visibility – If you are going to choose a wardrobe design, make sure that everything will be organize the way you want to be. Organized the items to help you see what items you are looking for and it will help you to save time especially if you in hurry.

4. Floor – Floor is one of the most common things that homeowners usually ignore. Wood and vinyl will help you to maximize cleaning factors since carpets in your closets make it difficult for cleaning especially if you are going to use vacuum. You also need to consider still-air breeders such as mildew and mold that can damage your closet. Dehumidification is very important since it prevent mold and other insects in damaging your closet.

5. Avoid using cedar – If your closet is made of cedar then your bedroom will probably smell like gerbil cage however, closet made by cedar keeps the moth away.

Wardrobe designs will help you to organize your closet that you want it to be and find everything you need without feeling annoyed because of unorganized stuff or items. Closet organization will help you save time and effort instead of wasting your time finding where you put your belt or pants. Closet can be considered as one of the most important investment in your home and if you want to find things as soon as possible, you need to have a wardrobe design that will suit your budget and style.


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    Find a Wardrobe Design that Matches the Theme of Your Room.

    For rustic bedrooms, oak or wooden wardrobes are the most ideal choices. If you live in a modern bachelor’s pad, stick to the white types or the ones that are made with glass. Mix, match, and decide which kind will go well with your room. An interior designer will help you make the right decision if you’re finding it hard to choose.

    The more shelves, racks, and cabinets, the better.

    You will find the different layers and components of your cabinet useful over time. So don’t think that you won’t need too many shelves. You do. Choose the kind that will maximize the use of space. Make your bedroom tidier and more attractive with these wardrobe design suggestions. Remember that wardrobes design are a necessity to every home. Be sure to get one for yourself. Consult with an interior designer to help you make the right choices for wardrobe designing.